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endowment/major gifts

As the Endowment and Major Gifts Advisor, I am charged with finding ​Rotarians who wish to support our charity, The Rotary Foundation, with a ​substantial donation or pledge. However, this can be achieved one step at a ​time. Taking the first step is the hardest but can be the most rewarding.

In my article in the first edition of the Digital Magazine (February 2024 edition) ​which, I hope you have all read, I asked you all to become a Sustaining Member ​by donating at least $100 every year.

It’s so easy to be a Sustaining Member – just log onto Rotary GB&Is donation ​page and set up a monthly payment from your bank account for only £6 per ​month, give permission for 25% Gift Aid which increases your donation to £7.50. ​Over 12 months this raises £90 plus the current exchange rate will take you over ​$100. It is that simple.

However, there is a smaller step option – read on!

Analysis of contributions to the Foundation shows that there are hundreds of UK ​Rotarians who donate an amount, but it is less than $100. So, can I ask all of you ​to consider increasing this to reach the Sustaining Member level but if this is not ​possible for you then ‘Every Rotarian Every Year’ (EREY) is another option for you.

mighty oak tree

Turn the acorn of $25 into an oak tree of tens of thousands of dollars

This is particularly relevant as the analysis shows that there are a number of members who have given around $25 to $30.

If you make a personal annual payment of $25 then you become an EREY. All you have to do is visit:

Set up an annual deduction from your bank account for £18 (or £1.50 per month), permit Gift Aid of 25% which takes your giving to £22.50, and the current exchange rate takes you to above $25.

If your club donates $100 per capita, and every member makes a personal donation of $25 then the club becomes an EREY Club and will receive a banner to display at meetings.

Which club will become the first to receive this coveted banner? Can I challenge every club in your district to reach this goal!

You could arrange an event to raise the $100 per member! Alternatively, you could hold a weekly raffle or have a ‘Happy Box’ that members donate too. If you have a ‘Sergeant at Arms,’ then all ‘fines’ could go towards the total required.

Just think of the good we could do in world if we had a district where every club qualified! Please note that only personal donations, not club donations, qualify for Gift Aid.

Turn the acorn of $25 into an oak tree of tens of thousands of dollars going towards District and Global Grants. Think of the higher amount of District Designated Funds your club will have available to help in your local community. Think of the additional Global Grant projects that will be possible nationally and internationally with these additional funds.

This can be achieved with just 50p a week personal donation and the club raising just $100 dollars per member.

I would love to hear from any club who is up for this challenge, and I look forward to presenting you with your EREY banner.

Tom Hunt Endowment and Major Gifts Advisor – Rotary GB&I

07860 525831

Mike Hodge Regional Rotary Foundation Chair – Rotary GB&I

07966 627245

Seamus Grant Major Gifts Officer – Rotary GB&I

07340 678752

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