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Anthony Hopkins’ love ​of Tommy Cooper

Your article about Sir Anthony Hopkins ​taking the part of the great Rotarian, ​Sir Nicholas Winton, in the film ‘One ​Life’ brought back many happy ​memories. During the 1993-94 Rotary ​year, Anthony Hopkins was made an ​Honorary Life Rotarian at a dinner in ​Port Talbot, Anthony Hopkins’ home ​town, by District 1150 Governor, Wally ​Cole. In 2008 Sir Anthony generously ​agreed to my invitation as secretary of ​the Tommy Cooper Society to unveil ​our statue of Tommy, followed by a ​gala lunch in Caerphilly Castle at which ​Sir Anthony proved not only to be a ​big Cooper fan but a most versatile ​actor by performing Tommy’s gags in ​immaculate style.

Tudor Jones MBE,

Rotary Wherever

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A PHF is


I am sorry to read in that Alex Ritchie ​feels that his most recent PHF award is ​de-valued. While my own club ​considers a Fellowship to be a ​prestigious, one-off recognition of ​meritorious service, not everybody ​sees it that way – not least The Rotary ​Foundation! Indeed, the very first line ​of the RFUK criteria states that “Paul ​Harris Fellowship Recognition is simply ​a request for recognition of a cash ​donation of $1,000”. And one can be ​multiple PHFs (5x = sapphire pin; 3x = ​ruby pin). I once attended a club in ​Oregon, USA, where at least half of the ​members were PHFs because they had ​made the appropriate contributions. ​Thus, there seems no reason why ​Honorary Rotarian Farley of Builth ​Wells should not expect to be ​considered in due course, if the ​criteria are met!

Chris Silver,

Rotary Club of Inverness Loch Ness, ​Highland

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The trend for RI to issue ​political statements

I write with some trepidation in ​response to Stephan Stephan’s letter ​in the January edition of the Rotary ​Magazine. The comments within it ​express my general concerns over yet ​another RI statement which appears ​to cross the boundaries of Rotary’s ​declared non-political, non-religious ​status. I joined Rotary because of this ​declaration. I have nothing against any ​religious groups provided they don’t ​try to force me into their way of ​thinking. My view of religion is that ​each is a moral code to be observed ​by its followers. A tolerance towards ​all seeming to be an important caveat. ​Can I ask RI’s senior personnel to ​provide us with a meaningful ​statement about their political and ​religious neutrality, and that they will ​never again issue statements which ​contain provocative political content.

John Miles,

Leatherhead Rotary Club, Surrey

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