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Phil dyer

TEAm lead

Reflecting on the recent launch of Rotary Digital in February, I am thrilled ​to witness the strategic shift in how Rotary Great Britain & Ireland shares ​information to our members and beyond.

The introduction of Rotary Digital marks a significant milestone, revolutionising ​the way we deliver messages, news, and updates to our Rotary community.

From its inception, Rotary Digital has captured my admiration with its stunning ​visual presentation. It seamlessly complements our much-coveted Rotary ​Magazine making both products essential reading.

This digital platform bridges a crucial gap, offering a refreshing, dynamic, and ​vibrant approach to delivering timely information directly to our computers, ​phones, and tablets and is a testament to Rotary's commitment to staying ​relevant in the digital age.

As part of my role as leader of the Public Image Specialist Adviser Team for ​Rotary Great Britain & Ireland, I naturally look at most things through a public ​image lens. What we have is a treasure trove of inspiring stories which may ​otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Rotary Digital’s accessibility is a great feature. The ability to read articles on the ​go and instantly share them across various social media channels, district ​platforms, WhatsApp groups and club websites empowering our members to ​engage actively and spread Rotary's message far and wide. This aligns perfectly ​with our Rotary Action Plan's goal of expanding our reach with impact.

“take pride in our world class rotary magazine whilst embracing the modernity and visual a ppeal of rotary digital, a publication fit for the visual world.”

Perhaps it could be a regular feature to bring to your club meeting, where a ​member shares a story from Rotary Magazine or Rotary Digital that resonated, ​inspired or educated them? It also acts as a handy arsenal to share with ​prospective members to showcase what Rotary does.

I encourage everyone to explore the previous editions of Rotary Digital, available ​at, and anticipate the email announcing the latest ​release at the start of each month.

While I wholeheartedly endorse Rotary Digital as a companion resource to our ​flagship Rotary Magazine, let us not forget the unparalleled quality and ​significance of our print publication.

Crafted by Managing Editor, Dave King, with regular contributors, and ​meticulously curated by our dedicated Communications Team at the Rotary ​Support Centre, the Rotary Magazine continues to uphold its reputation as a ​beacon of excellence in Rotary print media.

Published four times a year and delivered to your doorstep, the Rotary Magazine ​covers a wide array of topics, from exclusive interviews with Rotary leaders to ​ground-breaking service initiatives.

As members of Rotary Great Britain & Ireland, you receive the Rotary Magazine ​and Rotary Digital as part of your annual subscription, a testament to the value ​we place on keeping our members informed and engaged.

Let us take pride in our world class print magazine whilst embracing the ​modernity and visual appeal of Rotary Digital, a publication fit for a visual world.

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