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Proud to be a Paul Harris Fellow

My experience of being given a Paul ​Harris Fellowship is somewhat ​different from Rotarian Alex Ritchie’s ​(Rotary, Winter 2024). My first PHF ​was from my club some years ago and ​subsequently (on three occasions), ​from the Rotary Foundation. I am ​immensely proud of all the PHFs I ​received and am also proud to have ​facilitated others to receive PHFs from ​my District and Clubs. My ​understanding of a Paul Harris ​Fellowship is that this is a recognition ​of funding support from us to our own ​charity Rotary Foundation – it is not an ​award. It is like a thank you note ​jointly from the RI President and the ​Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair ​highlighting significant assistance ​given for the furtherance of better ​understanding and friendly relations ​among peoples of the world - that is a ​huge honour and privilege.

Himansu Basu,

Rotary Club of Gravesham with ​Ebbsfleet, Kent

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Loving the new format

Loving the new digital magazine. Well ​done on a great format. I always found ​it a 'chore' to read the print version as ​it required the need to set aside an ​allotted time, get a cup of tea and put ​out the "Do Not Disturb" sign. It is ​great that I can pick up my magazine ​any time, anywhere and take in ​bitesize Rotary news whenever I have ​a spare few minutes and whilst out ​and about! I feel more connected to ​what is going on within Rotary at ​home and abroad already.Thank you ​to you and the magazine team.

Mark Howard,

Rotary Club of R​edditch Kingfisher

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Wishing a return to peace in Gaza

I respond to Stephan Stephan’s letter ​regarding the conflict in Gaza (Rotary ​Magazine, Winter 2024). Whilst not ​wanting us to get into a political ​argument, as Hamas is a proscribed ​terrorist organisation, the Rotary ​statement specifically names Hamas, ​whom I’m sure all would agree, does ​not represent the welfare and safety ​of the average Palestinian, after all, if ​they did, they would not have carried ​out the attack knowing what the ​consequences was likely to be. In case ​Stephan wishes to know the ​perspective I am coming from, I am a ​trustee of a medical charity that has ​saved the lives of over 3,000 ​Palestinian children from both the ​West bank and Gaza.

David Silverston,

Rotary Club of Watford, Hertfordshire

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